Join us on a 2:30 hours private RIB Experience.

We will go snorkeling in Papagayo Bay, search for dolphins, and return along the scenic coastline.

We will take you closer to the awesome coastline of Lanzarote than any other boat trip, and at an exciting pace. Discover the beauty of Papagayo Lanzarote Beach!

We leave the Old Town Harbour, from there we travel down to the picturesque fishing village of Playa Quemada before taking an interesting and informative tour of the 25 million year old coastline, hugging the coast at a speedy 25 MPH taking time to make a couple more stops to point out interesting Volcanic rock formations, landmarks and wild life (great photo opportunities so bring a camera)

The coast then leads us all the way round to the amazing beaches at Papagayo Playa Blanca where we cruise slowly along the beaches before mooring up for approximately 30 minutes to catch our breath, take a drink and have a snorkel in the crystal clear waters of Lanzarote just  a few meters off the beach.

Papagayo Lanzarote Boat trip is certainly special because you will be guided by experts on wildlife and your Capitan can explain to you almost everything about the area.

Our exciting retour

Heading back to Puerto del Carmen is a completely different experience altogether, as we leave Papagayo we open up the engines and perform some high speed turns and donuts as we head out to sea for a bit of fun.

Great opportunity to see Whales, Dolphins and Flying Fish as we head out into open water so keep your eyes pealed. Don’t miss our Papagayo Lanzarote Boat Trip. Give your family and friend this great experience, come and enjoy the nature of Lanzarote.

Before we head back into the harbour we stop the boat, make sure everyone is sat comfortably and then opening up the 600HP Super-Charged Yamaha engines once more for the remainder of the trip, this is an epic experience.

Please note : the itinerary is flexible and will depend on weather conditions .

Papagayo Coastal Adventura Private Trip

2:30 Hours

Ideal for groups of friends and families with children aged 6 and above.

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Enjoy Lanzarote!

Private Charter

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Before we return to the harbor, we pause the boat, allowing you to savor the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Papagayo Coastal Adventure. Join our private Papagayo Lanzarote Boat Trip

Papagayo Lanzarote Boat Trip

Papagayo Boat tour in Lanzarote

Enjoy the best RIB experience of Lanzarote. We will get you closer to Papagayo Beach than any other company at an exciting pace.