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Waverider Lanzarote RIB Experience

Marine Safari

Discover a new Lanzarote on this unique 1 1/2 Hours trip full of interesting sights and historical facts.

Lanzarote has long been an Island synonymous for its beautiful volcanic landscapes and crystal clear waters that play host to some of the worlds most

outstanding wild life. The waters surrounding Lanzarote attract an array of species, such as Bottle Nose Dolphins, Short Finned Pilot Whales and Loggerhead Turtles, but its not just the Ocean that is home to spectacular wild life.

The protected coastlines here have some of the most amazing birds nesting in and around them, as this is the ideal place to stop off on long flights across the Atlantic or stay and raise young due to the miles of natural nesting spots in the towering volcanic cliffs and there close proximity to the Ocean with its abundance of small fish to feed on.

Join us on a tour from The Old Town Harbour that will show you the other side of Lanzarote, away from its vibrant towns and busy beaches.

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