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Playa Quemada Lanzarote

Playa Quemada Lanzarote

Just a few kilometres down the coast from the beautiful Marina of Puerto Calero and the Old Town Harbour sits the Lanzarote Coastal village that time and tourism forgot. The spectacular area of Playa Quemada is a place like 

no other here, its untouched coastline and black sandy beach are a photographer's dream. The village itself is very small with a few very nice restaurants all with spectacular views out across the Atlantic where you can enjoy a Coffee and watch the waves lapping at the shaw or treat yourself to Tapas and a glass of wine. The road down to the village winds through dusty mountains that hide this gem of a location, if you look out to sea you will see a large fish farm and to the right of this there is the beach of Playa Quemada, the area took its name from this very beach as Playa Quemada translated simply means "Burnt Beach".


We pass this lovely place on both our 2 hour 30 minute Coastal Adventure and our 1 hour Marine Safari so if you have been out on these trips you will know Playa Quemada already, but for those of you that haven't been out on one of those tours its a great way to see the village. Not only can you see the area from the water to get an idea of what beautiful places there are to explore here but we will show you the best routes to take to get the best places, there are even small BBQ areas set up along the more remote beaches on the coastline so its perfect for a walk in the warm sea air with the family followed by a cooling swim and a freshly prepared meal.

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