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Little green men in Lanzarote?

Little green men in Lanzarote?

Anyone that has joined us on ether our 2 Hour Coastal Adventure or the 1 Hour Marine Safari will have been shown this mysterious symbol, it can be

found on the side of a mountain in the Monumento Natural de Los Ajaches (Femés mountains) close to the black beach at Playa Quemada.

We joke about it being Lanzarotes version of a crop circle, well after some more asking around and investigation it seems that we might be right.

Lanzarote Information have asked for more information via their great website forum but have had no solid responses. One of their readers comment on the fact that this arrow points towards the Pyramids in Egypt, another comment found there pointed out that this is not quite true as the arrow is 1 Degree out, but whats 1 Degree between friends.

Regardless of wether this mysterious symbol measuring over 100m in length is the work of little green men or not it's a great talking point and just another interesting thing for us to show our Waveriders.

If anyone does have more information on this symbol please pass it on to us, it would be great to find out more. If you would like to view it for yourself on Google Earth here is the central position of it N28.90º W13.7477º , for the trekkers amongst you it can be found on foot by walking from the coast, look for the barranco of the fig tree and the barranco of a small white house. 

Alternatively join us on one of our trips and we will show you this mysterious symbol and much more from the water, for more information on our range of great trips visit our Trips Page.